Why Do They Call it a Crush?

The first time we hooked up I told him I didn't want a relationship, I just thought okay this dude is going to be wack. He agreed to date casually, so we just been having sex and although the sex is great theres more about him. I'm not sure if it's his zodiac sign or something but he's very kind by nature.

His hugs make me melt inside. The first time I hugged him I melted, it made me weak, a damn hug (It's about to get heavy). 

He's a gentleman, he definitely had a good upbringing.

He looks at me with kind eyes but sometimes his eyes gets intense and he looks at me like he wants to devour me, and I. love. that. shit. 

He has a sense of humor, he's intelligent and we also have a lot in common. 

Okay Nola he's the perfect package, gentlemen but a freak in the sheets, isn't that what you wanted? 

Only problem is that he is nowhere near close feeling the way I feel and it's been messing me up.  I tried to express my feelings and it's either he knows and is pretending to be 

clueless so I can stay around, or he has no idea. Even my girl walked me through getting to talk to him on a serious note, and he just doesn't get it!

So theres this lovely eclectic guy by the name of Mojeaux Discothèque aka Mojo Disco (google him). He's a NYC Socialite known for his 

paint and poetry events in Brooklyn. He has a Q&A thing he does on his facebook and thought I 
should seek some advice from a male's perspective. He really did open my eyes to the truth to the mind of a man and I have 
a different outlook. Here it is..

Q: Haay, lol so I have the biggest crush on a guy that I've been dating casually. I went into our relationship wanting no more than sex but I feel differently now. It's not so simple though because he will not open up to me when I try to get to know him. I think about him too much and it drives me crazy, because he’s a bit of an ass hole. How should I go about telling him how I feel? Should I be straight forward? Should I tell him in person? I feel like a raging hormonal 16 year old, Help??

A: That is a consequence of giving your goods before giving your heart. It just makes everything a challenge for you. As men, once we feel we have obtained what we wanted, no more effort(or even thought) goes into it. Most of the time we're already thinking about the next conquer. What you did in reality is help to propel his closed complex forward. If anything, you can tell him that you no longer want to engage in sex until you can get into his heart. That challenge will either send him running, or force him to face his demons. Either way, it's his choice to make at this point in the game.

Although it wasn't what I wanted to hear, he spoke the truth. 

Why do they call it a crush?

Because thats how you feel when they don't feel the same way in return.

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