Have them saying damn girl that thang looking squeeky: what you need to know about your woman parts

Vaginas are the best! But they can be very bad when not taken care of properly. It's up to you to do that, so if you want a happy vagina the following are great tips for maintaining that.

Be really familiar with what your vagina does and when it does it. It's yours, you should know everything about it.

If anything is abnormal especially after sex, protected or not, First thing you should be doing is calling your GYN. Googling can help give you a general idea what might be going on down there but there are numerous factors as to why your vagina might be acting up.

When keeping the vulva clean please wash front to back, never back to front, ever! That can introduce bacteria.

When it comes to products, stay away from scented soaps, sprays etc. Your vagina shouldn't smell like tropical rain, fresh meadows none of that. Although that would be nice that's not what God intended. So guys need to shut up talking about her pussy needs to smell like roses. No. Sit. down.

When comes to douching I suggest not doing that. I don't know why they sell douches til this day because your vagina is a self cleaning organism. Douching can eliminate the good germs and we want the good stuff. 

Really simple. Remember your vagina is something to be taken care of. Viva la vulva!

Lost of words at first sight.

So today while I was at work working on my reshop there was a deep velvety voice that approached me."Hello?" Feeling a bit irritated with the amount of work I had to complete I looked up, but before I could look at his face, I saw his necklace of a wooden lion which matched his brown long sleeve shirt. He was tall dark and handsome. His hair curly his skin smooth like milk chocolate. His frames hid most of his face but I knew he was beautiful. "Where is the restroom?" He asked kindly. My mouth literally hung open as I analyzed every detail of him in admiration. Seconds passed until I was able to say, "if you go down and make a left, um it's going to be where the um check out lanes are." As I stared at him through his glasses, he replied "Ok, thank you" as he grabbed his cart and walked away. I shook myself back to reality and went back to work. Minutes passed and he was back to ask me "where are your empty spray bottles?" and flashed a quick smile, I think I melted inside but this time I made sure I was quicker on my feet. "Make a left at the pharmacy and its going to be on the right at the end of the isle." He said thank you again and left. I immediately got back to work. Couple mins past again and as I was stocking some items I saw him again but he just walked past my isle and he just looked at me, then he was gone. That time around it stuck. This whole day I couldn't stop thinking about him and the more I think about what happened the harder my stomach butterflies flutter. All I know is that my job did some major cock blocking today. I hope he decides to stalk me. Lol

Single forever.

Newly single, I’ve been mainly focused on working and just doing me, you know, taking things slow. Being that us ladies are young, it doesn't come hard meeting new people especially w. things like social networking, going out, school, etc...I find myself trying to dodge a bullet. So I compiled a list of things females can do to stay single. This is vital for all the single ladies who don't want a ring on it!

1. Never wear makeup! I haven't been wearing makeup lately unless it was for a job interview. Show off that discoloring skin and pimples. If you have flawless skin, I don't know what to tell you.

2. Dress with no intentions to impress. Please don't show your face with stains and holes in your clothes, just effortlessly. We all know we dress to impress so No impressing!

3. Focus on school or work.

4. Accept that being single is good for you right now. Don't lay in your bed one night feeling lonely and call up your ex saying you miss him! Don't play games!

5. Don't show your "sexiness" on Facebook,Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, none that! You expressed that your single, someone gonna want to try to get to know you a little better after they see that cleavage and that booty sitting on the bathroom sink. (For those who do that weird shit haha)

6. If you want to have "relations" do it like a dude. Nothing's wrong with a casual sex, as long as you can handle your emotions. Don't get emotionally attached and use a condom or you will be sorry!

Follow these guidelines and you'll be single for ever!