Natural Hair? I'm Over It.

Well not necessarily. I'm not going to go run to a relaxer kit, I'm just not with the epidemic of achieving a big beautiful afro or thick luscious curls. Natural hair has literally been a big ordeal for kinky and curly haired women everywhere and it was liberating at first. It was all about loving our hair and not conforming to what the media portrays as "beautiful", and it is still that way but now I'm not so sure for me personally, I'm just not feeling it anymore. My 3 years of worrying about my hair came to a halt 5 months ago when I went through a long and bad breakup. I was following my regimen and wearing protective styles then all of a sudden my hair broke off and created a huge bald spot in the back of my hair. Thanks stress! I opt to putting marley twists in my hair and I've had the same marley twists for 6 months straight of course with maintenance. The only products I use daily is a scalp vitamin tonic spray I got from the vitamin shoppe and shea butter. I also take fish oil, hair skin and nails and biotin although I haven't been consistent with it lately. I felt like for 3 years I catered to my hair, watched the youtube videos, read the blog posts, joined the forums, followed the challenges in hopes I can grow thick hair like the beautiful people I see on the internet. Now I'm so over it. Hair is hair. I realized that I need simplicity and what they do for their hair may not work for me and it's okay, but man I was obsessed! I was jealous that my hair couldn't curl like her's and my fro wasn't as full and thick like her's, which was pure insanity! I spent so much time googling the best product for twist outs, scalp moisturizers, leave in conditioners, shampoos and anti frizz creams. You'd see me in target reading all the product labels, comparing prices and talking to fellow naturalistas about what styling cream is better for my hair type, over it! My hair is bipolar and it doesn't need my extra time and attention (that is what created breakage). My nappy ass kinky hair needs hardly any attention and that is why I'm looking forward to locking my hair when it grows back. It's either I lock it or go bald and bald is not for me haha. As much as I love my hair, I just want to be to be free'd of the responsibility of it.

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  1. the point of the movement is just for people to remember that the western standard of beauty isn't the ONLY standard of beauty. You can choose whatever style WORKS (keyword) for YOU. Honest naturalistas just want people to stop correlating "african features" with "ugly" and "wrong". Locs, fros, bald,whatever you like go for it. Natural hair honestly shouldn't be THAT much work unless your hair is very damaged(all i do is wash and go.) Being a product junky is actually pretty counter productive seein as how it's not natural, but chemically altered hair (who's curl pattern are they trying to mimick?..) so point is, dont feel bad for doing what's easier lol health is the most important thing to make your hair look nice! so whatever isn't stressing your shit out too much girl. locs are cool. peace&love :)