When you have a lazy boyfriend: How to deal with domestic equality

Old school people said you shouldn't live with your boyfriend/girlfriend before marriage. I beg to differ! After a few months of dating I decided to move in a new place with J. He was the motive that I moved from Virginia to New York. But he's so lazy and Unfortunately I'm a little OCD. I like things to be organized and clean as much as possible. Him? Not so much, and its become one of my biggest pet peeves. I often have to clean after him and tell him what to do. It constantly leads to arguments. It's so annoying that he thinks he's in the right and he doesn't do anything because I nag him, but is it my fault that I'm fed up. I refuse to think so. I’ve never got the notion that he’s sexist because he knows that I’m very independent. It’s not 1940. We argued til I said I shouldn't care anymore. He agreed since he always likes to have the last word. So for now I'm going to not give 2 fucks about our space and see how he keeps up. Let the petty games begin. But I still need to know how to get him to change.

Do you guys ever had to deal with a lazy boyfriend? How do you deal with domestic equality?

Death to the Air Mattress

I feel like the Jefferson's. J and I got to break in the New Year with a new mattress and other items from Ikea  We went from sharing a twin air mattress to a queen air mattress to a QUEEN MATTRESS with new sheets and all. No more worrying about air leaks anymore. Before we know it we'll be out of this basement in no time...

Dear average New Yorker,
How do you do it? With your $1000 studio apartment in Brooklyn and expensive ass college tuition. How can you tolerate the hustle of finding a job? How can you walk every where in the hot, sticky, humidity summers and the bone chilling cold winter? How can you deal with the crowds and all the unfriendly people. I admire you for it but New York has become overrated for me. But I decided to move here so I have to embrace the struggle...

January squat challenge

It's a little late in the challenge but it's never to late to get that booty looking right for the new year.

Apartments: New York style.

Isn't this what every minimalist New Yorker wants? Clean, well lit, and fresh, Love it!

2013: starting off the new year right.

Happy new year! I hope you all celebrated with your loved ones. J and I decided to stay clear of the city and went to Forrest hills at a fusion lounge called Jade.

We had raw Salmon! I'm not a big fan to be honest, I'm open to new things just as long as I'm not throwing up the next day. The unagi roll was by far the best, it's eel but it was cooked and you can't even tell that there's eel in the roll.

It was really loud in the restaurant, I couldn't hear my voice but I got used to it. Once the drinks set in I didn't pay attention anyways. It was lovely and I had my first New Years kiss. It was something to remember.

Who is Nola Darling?

She is the name of my alter ego. Originally a girl from spike lee's first film She's Gotta Have It, she was romantically involved with three men who wanted her badly. I cant relate to that personally but she didn't want to be tied down, she was confident, she was successful and most importantly she was a Brooklyn girl. My Nola D is 21, with kinky hair, brown skin to match her almond eyes, full lips and a statuesque body. Aside from her effortless style, she's still trying to figure out her place in this world. She's a hustler yet graceful. She classy and sexual. This my personal/lifestyle blog. I just love to write about everything and what better way to express my thoughts than a blog. Welcome.