Have them saying damn girl that thang looking squeeky: what you need to know about your woman parts

Vaginas are the best! But they can be very bad when not taken care of properly. It's up to you to do that, so if you want a happy vagina the following are great tips for maintaining that.

Be really familiar with what your vagina does and when it does it. It's yours, you should know everything about it.

If anything is abnormal especially after sex, protected or not, First thing you should be doing is calling your GYN. Googling can help give you a general idea what might be going on down there but there are numerous factors as to why your vagina might be acting up.

When keeping the vulva clean please wash front to back, never back to front, ever! That can introduce bacteria.

When it comes to products, stay away from scented soaps, sprays etc. Your vagina shouldn't smell like tropical rain, fresh meadows none of that. Although that would be nice that's not what God intended. So guys need to shut up talking about her pussy needs to smell like roses. No. Sit. down.

When comes to douching I suggest not doing that. I don't know why they sell douches til this day because your vagina is a self cleaning organism. Douching can eliminate the good germs and we want the good stuff. 

Really simple. Remember your vagina is something to be taken care of. Viva la vulva!

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  1. You should also discharge although it sounds icky to the majority of people, i watched a great sex ed vid. on youtube that breaks sex negative myths and one is that the normal discharge a female has means that she is sick or something when in reality it is perfectly natural and comes from the vagina cleaning itself! i hate when people spread sex negative opinions so stuff like this is pretty good! keep on informing yourself Nola :]