Single forever.

Newly single, I’ve been mainly focused on working and just doing me, you know, taking things slow. Being that us ladies are young, it doesn't come hard meeting new people especially w. things like social networking, going out, school, etc...I find myself trying to dodge a bullet. So I compiled a list of things females can do to stay single. This is vital for all the single ladies who don't want a ring on it!

1. Never wear makeup! I haven't been wearing makeup lately unless it was for a job interview. Show off that discoloring skin and pimples. If you have flawless skin, I don't know what to tell you.

2. Dress with no intentions to impress. Please don't show your face with stains and holes in your clothes, just effortlessly. We all know we dress to impress so No impressing!

3. Focus on school or work.

4. Accept that being single is good for you right now. Don't lay in your bed one night feeling lonely and call up your ex saying you miss him! Don't play games!

5. Don't show your "sexiness" on Facebook,Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, none that! You expressed that your single, someone gonna want to try to get to know you a little better after they see that cleavage and that booty sitting on the bathroom sink. (For those who do that weird shit haha)

6. If you want to have "relations" do it like a dude. Nothing's wrong with a casual sex, as long as you can handle your emotions. Don't get emotionally attached and use a condom or you will be sorry!

Follow these guidelines and you'll be single for ever!

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