No Boobs? No Problem: Fashion Tips & A Confidence Boost

If you're flat chested I know you're asking "God, why have you made me flat chested". Not being able to fill out your low tops are the worst. Being with guys who tell you that your chest looks like a little girl’s is even more worse. Yes you can get breast implants but you and I both know we don't have money for that. But don't lose hope, here are some ways to flatter what's lack thereof. No pun intended.

Horizontal stripes are my best friend. It creates an illusion of bigger boobs. You can wear more attention grabbing tops too like glitter for example on a night out.

Wear higher necklines  That's pretty self explanatory. You have nothing to show so yep. You can still be sexy with a high neckline.

If you have a wide chest, no boobs like yours truly, stay away from low scoop tops and v necks, it makes your chest appear big and boobs small.

Aside from tops you can always wear padded bras. Victoria’s secret has the best push up bras for $60. Target carries super padded bras like VS but there no more than $15. You can even try water bras. Water bras freak me out just because I think they might leak but I had a friend who was transgender back in high school and of course he had no boobs but they made it look pretty realistic.

Aside from figuring out what you wear, don't feel so bad about your itty bitties. There's plenty upsides of having a small chest.
1. We don't have to worry about saggy boobs and stretch marks in the future. This is a huge win.
2. No heaviness and bad backs. Girls with big boobs always complain about how heavy they are. Psh. Okay, I guess I understand.
3. We don't get negative attention from pigs(guys). I appreciate the guys who are attracted to a pretty face and a nice personality.
4. We don't have to wear bras, and we can do more activities.

So in the end small boobies are a beautiful thing. Be proud of them, name them, push them up or let them free. It's your confidence that makes them sexy.

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