Subway Encounter

To get to work I take the subway. Almost everyday I hop on the j to the c to get to my destination. Right when I get off at broadway junction I get a guy or a couple guys doing some sus stuff. Like the other day this guy said in my ear "you're too pretty to be looking down" Done scared me out of my mind! I didn't even turn my head to glance at whomever said that, I just winced at the creepiness I just had experienced. This black man failed to think that I could be looking down for a moment to watch my step. What do these guys think, I got low self esteem. No negro, my esteem is far from that. Nonetheless I keep moving and let the voice that came from his creepy little mouth drift from my mind. It's so funny how strangers feel like they know you. Anyways, f**k them. :)

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