When you have a lazy boyfriend: How to deal with domestic equality

Old school people said you shouldn't live with your boyfriend/girlfriend before marriage. I beg to differ! After a few months of dating I decided to move in a new place with J. He was the motive that I moved from Virginia to New York. But he's so lazy and Unfortunately I'm a little OCD. I like things to be organized and clean as much as possible. Him? Not so much, and its become one of my biggest pet peeves. I often have to clean after him and tell him what to do. It constantly leads to arguments. It's so annoying that he thinks he's in the right and he doesn't do anything because I nag him, but is it my fault that I'm fed up. I refuse to think so. I’ve never got the notion that he’s sexist because he knows that I’m very independent. It’s not 1940. We argued til I said I shouldn't care anymore. He agreed since he always likes to have the last word. So for now I'm going to not give 2 fucks about our space and see how he keeps up. Let the petty games begin. But I still need to know how to get him to change.

Do you guys ever had to deal with a lazy boyfriend? How do you deal with domestic equality?

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